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How to Create the Perfect Office (According to Science)

The place where you do all your work impacts your productivity dramatically. But most people don’t know all the ways you can improve it. Here they are: Choose the Right Color Colors are proven to affect productivity, with different effects for each color: Blue increases creativity. Researchers found that a blue environment creates twice as many brainstorming […]

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How to Change Habits – A Proven System

Did you brush your teeth or get dressed first thing in the morning? What did you eat for breakfast? What did you do when you came home from work? All these are habits; routines repeated regularly and done without thinking. It’s difficult to change most habits, which you’ve probably experienced trying to stop watching YouTube, smoking […]

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How to Plan Your Day in 1 Minute: Use the Rule of 3

One of most powerful productivity techniques is the “Rule of 3”. It’s a great technique for figuring out what you have to focus on, and only takes 1 minute. You only have to ask yourself one question: That’s it. Here are 3 tips to make it even more effective:  Start every day by figuring out […]

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