28 Awesome Chrome Extensions That’ll Forever Change the Way You Browse

I once watched a friend browse, and was stunned.

They had 88 tabs flying open, no organization system and lacked essential features.

Then I realized I was the odd one – that I was addicted to improving chrome.

Here are the 28 extensions I use to turn chrome into a productivity machine. 


1: Sticky Notes

Press the extension button and a notebook pops up, and you can immidieately jot something down

It’s vital when researching and if you’re a fellow GTD’er, tell me how you survive without this.  

2: Pocket/Instapaper/Evernote Web Clipper

If I see content I want to read later, I’ll never remember to actually read it. Pocket solves that problem by letting you save articles, images and videos with a click.

You can see everything you’ve saved in your reading list, where you can read it offline with only the text. Perfect for doing research.

3: Strict Workflow/Toggl

If you use the Pomodoro Technique (when you work in small, focused blocks of time on a single task) Strict Workflow is a must-have.

Strict Workflow is a timer app which you set for [x] minutes, then an alarm goes off to remind you to take a break. It also blocks distracting websites when you’ve started the timer.

Toggl is a time tracking extension with the same features.

4: RescueTime

RescueTime tracks all time you spend online, and creates awesome nerdy statistics, lists and graphs of them.  

It lets you see how you really spend your time online, find interesting patterns and take actions to improve them.  

5: BlockSite/StayFocusd

BlockSite permanently blocks distracting websites – it’s one of the most effective solutions to procrastination on YouTube, Facebook or Reddit.

You can also set repeated “work” times when it should block, or tell it to block every website except one.

6: Pushbullet

Pushbullet turns chrome into an android phone – it lets you text, see phone notifications and send links in the browser.

I envy all android users only for this extension, because I have a crappy iPhone! What did I think?

8: Todoist/Any.do

Todoist is my to-do list of choice. It pops up with a click, and you get all functions in the extension.

9: Auto Text Expander

You know writing.

Yeah, that’s lame.

Auto Text Expander turns a short string characters to a whole email, article or name. You’ll never write the same thing twice again.  

10: Buffer

Buffer automates social media:

  • It puts a share button on all websites and pictures, making it easier to share
  • You can share a post on multiple medias at once
  • It lets you do complex scheduling, track results and has third-party integration

Buffer also has an awesome productivity blog.

11: Vimium

Vimium makes the mouse unnecessary by providing dozens of keyboard shortcuts. The most handy are:

  • f: All links on the page get its own shortcut
  • gg: Jump back to the top of the page  
  • yy: Copy the current’s page URL
  • o: Search the omnibox

Here’s an “Ultime Giude to Using Vimium”, and here’s “Other, Normal, Chrome Shortcuts”.

12: Diigo Web Collector

Diigo lets you highlight, take notes and screenshot. Then it stores them all in a system which you can easily view. Perfect for research.


13: LastPass

LastPass is a password management system which:

  • Creates secure passwords for all sites. If you use the same password for all sites, when one password leaks all your accounts go down.
  • Stores them so you only have to remember one single password
  • Automatically logins to sites, which saves you time

14: HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere switches thousands of sites insecure “http” connection to the more secure “https”.

15: Disconnect

Disconnect makes chrome faster, blocks websites which tracks you and saves data.

16: Tunnelbear

Switches your VPN connection so it seems you’re coming from another country. Perfect if want to use websites or content unavailable where you are.


Maybe it’s just me, but clutter is the devil.

17: Tab Wrangler

Are you tired of constantly having 100 tabs open, spending minutes every day deleting them one by one.

Tab Wrangler automatically closes tabs which you havn’t used for 30 minutes. And don’t worry, you can see what tabs it closed.   

18: uBlock Origin

Never watch dating site ads again.

Both extensions blocks all ads, social media buttons and pop ups.

19: Momentum

You know the horrible new tab page with the Google logo, search and annoying site suggestions.

Momentum switches that to a beautiful image, to-do list and a quote.

If you don’t find that useful either, switch to Empty New Tab – it’s just white. Nothing else. Beautiful.

20: Wikiwand

Bildresultat för wikiwand

Why does the 6th largest website seem like it’s from the year 200o?


  • Modernizes Wikipedia – it now looks like a real, modern website
  • Converts all Wikipedia links to Wikiwand links
  • You can Ctrl+Double Click on any word on any page and the first 100 words of that Wikipedia article pops up

21: AlienTube

You hate YouTube comments, their stupidity is larger than… Suggestions?

But you adore Reddit. If the video was posted to Reddit, AlienTube embeds the Reddit comments in YouTube and Vimeo videos. 

If you want to turn the YouTube comments into what they really are, try Herp Derp.

22: Black Reader

Black theme for chrome. Perfect at night.

23: Mercury Reader

Takes away all annoying sidebars, headers and pop ups and leaves you alone with the content.

24: Distraction Free YouTube

Takes away the freaking comments, suggested videos, and home page.

It leaves you alone with the video you came there to watch, and prevents YouTube from doing what it was designed to – distracting you.

Randomly Useful

25: Honey/InvisibleHand/Ebates Cash Back

Honey automatically finds and applies coupon codes when shopping online. It also gives you cash back on thousands of stores.  

You can also share new share codes with the community.

The two other extensions are more cashback, if you just can’t get enough free money.

26: SimpleExtManager

Yeah, I know, an extension for managing extensions.

SimpleExtManager lets you easily remove and deactivate all the extensions you now have.

27: Google Dictionairy

Click on a word, and see its definition. Simple as that.

If you’re writing or reading it’s useful to see what words actually mean.

28: Panic!!! Button (Okay okay, I added the exclamation marks)

Chances are you have a boss who looks over you to see if you’re working or wasting your time. (Or maybe working on something more important than work.)

Panic Button is your savior. Press F4 to hide all your tabs and automatically open a site you use in your work. Press the Panic Button button again and all tabs will reopen.

That was 28 extensions which’ll supercharge chrome. 

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  • Ivan Goncharov

    Hey,thanks for showing all these awesome extensions.I always wanted to have something like Tab Wrangler,it’s really useful to me and guess to other readers,along with other extensions too!Keep doing this stuff,man)

    • Elias Edgren

      Thanks a ton Ivan! 😀