How to Create the Perfect Office (According to Science)

The place where you do all your work impacts your productivity dramatically. But most people don’t know all the ways you can improve it. Here they are:

Choose the Right Color

Colors are proven to affect productivity, with different effects for each color:

  • Blue increases creativity. Researchers found that a blue environment creates twice as many brainstorming results compared to a red environment.
  • Red improves performance on detail-oriented tasks and increases physical productivity.
  • Green also increases creativity, even more than blue.
  • Yellow make people more confident, alert and stimulate discussions. 

Intense colors are stimulating, leading to higher focus. Less intense colors are soothing, leading to increased creativity.  

To choose the right combination of colors and their intensity, consider what benefits would best suit your work.

Only Work at Your Desk 

If you keep games, distractions and friends nearby it’ll be harder to focus. Your brain won’t associate that place with work, making you more likely to procrastinate. 

The Most Productive Temperature

Too high and low temperatures can decrease productivity. A survey found that during summer workplace productivity drops by 20%. Another study found that roughly 21°C (69,8°Fis the temperature which will make you the most productive. 

Anything above 22°C and anything below 18 °C decreased productivity. At 30°C it decreased by 10%. Lower temperatures also increase the amount of errors and heightens the risk of getting sick. 

Bring in the Plants 

Get a green plant to your office, they have been proven to reduce stress levels. A study showed that “indoor plants in an office can prevent fatigue during attention demanding work”.

Sit Close to a Window

Try to sit close to a window. The natural light from the sun will increase your energy levels, boost your mood and improve your sleep.

The Myth of a Clean Desk

A study at the University of Minnesota found an increase in participant’s creativity when they had a messy desk. So don’t clean your office all the time – with science’s approval.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day! 

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Temperature Graph from ALifeofProductivity


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