14 Vital Tools That’ll Skyrocket Your Productivity

I’ve wasted countless hours looking for tools to save me time.

These 14 productivity tools are the ones I’ve fallen in love with. They have made me more motivated, organized and extremely productive.

I’ll quickly describe how the tool can help you, what I do with it and how to get the most out of it. 

So let’s jump right in.

1. RescueTime – Track your online life and work

RescueTime automatically tracks how you spend your time online. Then it creates pretty graphs and statistics you can use to make changes to your workflow. My first week using it wasn’t pretty – I was spending more than 20 hours a week on awesome, but distracting, websites.

RescueTime devides up your time into categories, like Entertainment, Learning and Composition. It also shows how your productivity changes from hour to hour, day to day and month to month.

Available on: All computer platforms + Android. Price: Free forever. (Premium for $9/month).

2. Freedom – Block any website or app

The internet’s freaking awesome. Consequently, I have a serious addiction to it.

When working the last thing you want to is fire up YouTube and watch videos for hours upon hours. Sadly, it’s what often happens to me. 

Freedom solves this problem by making any website or app inaccessible. You can write down all distracting websites from RescueTime into a “blocklist” in Freedom, and then tell it to block them for the next hour, or on schedule.

I have the whole internet shut down at 10pm every day, and I block the 38 websites that distracts me the most all the time.

Available on: Mac, Windows and iOS. Price: $29/year. If you want to block all your sites for free, check out this article

3. Google Drive – Store anything and create anything

Google Drive lets you store and organize everything in the cloud. It’s in one place where you can easily copy, share and collaborate on anything.

Other Google Apps I use include Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

I’m sorry for being a Google Fanboy.

Available on: Basically everything. Price: Free forever (Up to 15 GB) 

4. F.lux – Block blue light to sleep better

The blue light from phones, TV:s and computers is proven to reduce sleep quality. Therefore, using devices in the evening is horrible for your health, energy and ultimately your productivity.  

Optimally, everyone would stop using devices 3 hours before bedtime. But we all know that’s never gonna happen.  

F.lux removes most of the blue light from your screen at night – it makes the screen warmer. You just tell it your location and what lightning you have, and it does the rest automatically.

Available on: All computer platforms, with alternatives for Chromebook, Android and iOS. Price: Free forever.  

5. Unroll.Me – Make mail clean again

I have a problem.

I subscribe to every newsletter that catch my eye. Just look at the numbers above – it’s more than 100 newsletters!

If you’re like me and get dozens of irrelevant emails in your inbox every day, Unroll.Me is your savior. It gives you an overview of all your subscriptions and lets you easily unsubscribe.

For the newsletters you want to keep Unroll.Me can create a “rollup” of emails that it sends out every day or week. 

Available on: Web and iOS. Price: Free forever.

6. Tomighty – Pomodoro timer to beat procrastination

The Pomodoro Technique is the #1 productivity technique out there, and it’s really simple.

  1. Choose a single task to focus on
  2. Set a timer (Usually 25 minutes)
  3. When a distraction comes up, write it down instead of acting on it
  4. Take a break (Every 4th cycle, take a longer break)
  5. Repeat

The Pomodoro Technique prevents procrastination, recharges you with breaks and brings all your focus to a single task. It’s incredibly powerful.

And I’m using it right now on my 25 minute bus ride home. 

Available on: Mac and Windows with alternatives for Chrome, Android and iOS. Price: Free forever.

7. Beeminder – Track and get accountable for habits

Beeminder tracks any habit or goal and and turns it into a pretty graph. And if you fail, it takes your precious money.

Let me explain…

You can set an amount of money to lose if you don’t succeed with your goal. It’s great for keeping yourself motivated, because something really bad will happen if you fail. 

Available on: Web, iOS and Android. Price: Free forever. (Premium $4/Month)

8. IFTTT – Automate online work    

IFTTT brings thousands of online services together. It lets you create applets, basically saying if this happens here, then do this there. It saves you valuable time and is a heaven for tech nerds like myself.

Here’s some things people use it for:

  • Add songs from YouTube videos you like to a Spotify playlist
  • If any new Google Calendar event, create Todoist task
  • Save Gmail attachments to Dropbox

You get the idea. If you want more powerful and complex automation, try out Zapier.

Available on: Basically everything. Price: Free forever.

9. Todoist – Manage all tasks and projects

Todoist is a stylish way to create to-do lists and manage projects. It has collaboration, productivity tracking, labels, filters, notes, reminders and a thousand other features.  

It use it to do my weekly review, plan my day and manage all my projects.

Check out: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Todoist

Available on: Basically everything. Price: Free forever (Premium for $28.99/year).

10. Typeracer – Double your writing speed

If you’re writing for 2 hours every day and doubled your writing speed, you’d save 7 hours every week.

Typeracer makes you write a quote as fast as possible while racing against other players. The one who completes it first wins. It’s surpisingly addictive, and improves your productivity.  

Check out this article if you want to learn the basics of touch typing.

Available on: The web. Price: Free forever.

11. LastPass – Password manager

Forget the time of creating or even remembering passwords.

LastPass can store all your logins, auto-generate secure passwords, and auto-fill forms. It makes it incredibly easy to have different passwords for every site, maximizing your online security.

But my favorite feature is that it automatically log in to all websites. It’s soo convenient.

Available on: Everything. Seriously – I challenge you. Price: Free forever. (Premium for $12/Year)

12. Audible – Make unproductive time reading time

We all waste a LOT of time doing chores, such as commuting, shopping, cleaning, eating, walking and waiting. For me it adds up to at least 2 hours every day.

You could be spending all that time listening to audiobooks. Create a habit of turning on an audiobook every time you do those chores, and you’ll finish at least a book a week.

If you value reading, this is one of the most powerful productivity hacks out there. 

Available on: Basically everything. Price: $14.95/month

13. Evernote – Capture what’s on your mind

Evernote is a digital notebook where you can write and store documents, pictures and sites. Then you can organize it all and find your notes in seconds. 

I use it for:

  • Larger project planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Gift, article and project ideas
  • Routines and checklists
  • Email and document templates

Available on: Basically everything. Price: Free forever (Premium for $7.99/month)

14. Pocket – Save anything to read later

Those articles may say something about my productivity addiction…

Article maniacs, this is for you.

Pocket lets you save any article, video or website for later reference. I see articles I want to read later all the time, especially when I research and don’t want to break my flow.  

To save something, just click on the Pocket button in your browser or phone. Then you can organize everything and read it on an ad-free, beautiful layout.  

Available on: Basically everything. Price: Free forever. (Premium for $44.99/year)

That’s it.

Pick out a few tools that you think will make you more productive, and see if they fit your workflow.

And if you found this article valueable, please share it with your friends. 🙂

Note: Some tools here contain affiliate links (Audible, Freedom & RescueTime). If you decide to use them, I get a small comission (at no extra cost to you). I recommend all these tools because I love and use them, being an affiliate just allows me to make money to keep the site up. If you do use my links, thank you