How to Plan Your Day in 1 Minute: Use the Rule of 3

One of most powerful productivity techniques is the “Rule of 3”. It’s a great technique for figuring out what you have to focus on, and only takes 1 minute. You only have to ask yourself one question:

If I only accomplished 3 things today, what would they be? Click To Tweet

That’s it. Here are 3 tips to make it even more effective: 

  • Start every day by figuring out what you have to focus on
  • Test yourself throughout the day – do you work towards those 3 things?
  • Be honest with yourself – if you don’t think you can complete them all, set easier goals. 

Why is the Rule of 3 so effective?

For 3 reasons:

  • It forces you to focus on the most important things. You sort through all the crap and arrive at the 3 things which’ll do the most difference
  • You’ll actually do it because it’s easy to do and remember.
  • It eliminates time wasters. Such as nerding productivity for hours every day (don’t judge me!), checking email and watching YouTube videos.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day! And did you notice that this article was full of 3’s?

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